Immigrant bullying happens more often than you think... The Mexican Secretariat of Foreign Affairs commissioned MaliArts for this three part series about Immigrant Bullying, what you can do if this is happening to you, or what you can to help others.

Director: Pablo Calvillo and Max Winston
Executive Producer: Rachael Byrne
Writers: Pablo Calvillo, Rachael Byrne, Nick Russell, Amanda McCann
Agency: MaliArts
Stop Motion Animation: Directed by Max Winston, RatBat Studios
Live Action Production: Hilo Negro
3D Design: Gabriel Calvillo
Character Design: Leonardo Calvillo and Max Winston
3D Animation: David Camiro, Charles Ortega
3D Modeling: Victor Ramirez
Original Music: Rodrigo Barbera, Prado Sur Audio
Sound Design: Jaime Juarez

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