In times when more than half of the population lives in cities, we seem to fight to exclude nature from our lives. The plants that grow between cracks of concrete are aesthetically despised, trees are cut down to build parking lots and shopping centers are built where parks once stood. Possibly insects are our main objective when we talk about excluding nature from our lives. Insecticides, repellents and traps are used massively around the world every day. We forget that insects play an indispensable role in the environmental balance. Refugio is a project that intends to generate a closer relationship between cities (humans) and nature (bees). The project is conceived as a series of objects that provide shelter, water and food to different species of solitary bees. Bees that do not live in a hive, do not have a queen and therefore do not produce honey, most are not aggressive and many of them do not even have a sting. For a long time, these species did not receive much attention, but recent studies show that they may be the most efficient pollinators in nature. These objects are complemented with a cultivation manual to create sanctuaries of solitary bees, the manual presents a total of twenty floral plants arranged according to their stage of flowering, in addition to possible configurations are shown according to the height and type of irrigation of these plants. Creating this type of sanctuary is a significant way to get involved in the conservation of biodiversity.

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