Teotihuacan is Mexico City's most treasured icon. Foreigners, locals, institutes and universities flock to the destination every year, it is the most visited archaeological site in Mexico and it houses the third largest pyramid in the world. However, signage and navigation is little to none. Partnering up with Hyundai, INAH (Mexican Institute of Anthropology and History) and Habanero Films, we produced the digital content for a navigational application that is accessed through free wifi onsite.
MaliArts designed the visual identity and created all digital content for the app, which includes as it's primary feature, several renders and three 360 images which visualize the site from key positions. The team consisted of researchers, designers, 3D modelers, texture artists and matte painters whose task was to re-produce the pyramids with original form, scale, color and texture. Creativity and technology came together in this project, which is estimated to enhance site visits for approximately 3 million people annually.

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