10 Days, 1 video per day... then another 10 days and 4 videos per day... 83 original character designs, 51 sets, 159 props, one killer design and assets team and two animation teams. Rapid story telling, with a fluid pipeline, an environment that highly supported creativity, and a crazy schedule! That was our first time teaming up with The Story Lab and Oreo in Australia. It was pure joy to produce these clips, our days began at 7 am with a story session, out of which storyboards were briefed to begin Layout. The mornings were spent building the worlds, afternoons in animation and by evenings we were ready to commence client iterations. We had to keep in mind the principles of the Oreo brand, the whimsical / wonder filled tone of the campaign, and most importantly ensure our images were not appealing to the youngest generations.
This campaign was about sharing, and the wonder that ensures in such moments, simple or completely fantastical. We found the human element was fun to explore, sharing something with your Gran, a dragon, looking up from your cell phone. The Story Lab were brilliant to work with, and every day of production we were surprised with the results. The simplest scenarios could be turned into something quite beautiful.

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